Digital Business Analyst

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Pune, India
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Digital Business Analyst

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Within the DCAD CRM factory (SFDC),

  • Assisting the client in defining and expressing his or her needs, working closely with PO
  • Identifying issues and opportunities with the client/business partner to accelerate digital processing and increase business impact.
  • Grasping and detailing the client's functional and technical requirements to properly clarify the needs expressed.
  • Ensuring that all DCAD requirements are met (hosting, security and confidentiality of data).
  • Working closely with the digital factories to validate the relevance of the proposed solution, the availability of teams, skills, and the feasibility to develop the solution.
  • Capitalizing on acquired knowledge and securing the satisfaction of clients and partners.
  • 5-7 years of experience with strong exposure to 2 among SFDC Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Experience Cloud

Solution success

  • The solution implemented satisfies the functional needs of the business.
  • The business uses the digital solution.
  • The projects and solutions implemented comply with DCAD requirements and effectively use the standards supported by the development tools and software packages that support the solution.
  • A Long-term collaboration is established between the Digital Business Analyst, business teams and digital factories.

Analysis and translation of the customer need

  • Understanding the business’ processes within its field and its use cases.
  • Helping the client/business partner in expressing its needs, understanding (through involvement in business activities) and challenging business requirements.
  • Studying the needs expressed.
  • Analyzing the functional, environmental and technical characteristics of the desired type of solution (regulations, organizations, assembly, manufacturing, operating and safety constraints).
  • Helping the project manager in mapping technical and functional risks and estimating their importance.
  • Analyzing technical proposals to help the client choose by validating with the WebOp team that the DCAD requirements for hosting, security and confidentiality of data are met.
  • Advising and validating the solution and the development modalities with the customer (make or Buy).

Project Management Assistance

  • Assisting the creation of the functional brief to better understand and guide the digital project or Drafting the Functional Specifications Document (FSD)
  • In factory, accompanying the project teams up to the point of recommendation (make or Buy).
  • Assuring the link between the business entity and the digital factory identified to develop the solution.

Technology Watch

Regulatory and contractual management

  • Knowing the regulations and requirements in place in the business’ specialty or sector
  • Communicating and promoting the Group's requirements