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Data Analyst_2

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• Relevant Data to meet customer need are identified, captured and selected
• Business activities and management teams have the action recommendations they need to create value
• Company offers, services or processes are optimized through knowledge gained through data analysis and valuation
• Group prescriptions on ethics and data governance are enforced and respected

• Resources/tools and competencies needed to govern and analyze data are optimized

Data structuration and valuation

• Identifies and understands issues the company/entity/business is facing and relevant data sources for its scope or elsewhere
• Prioritizes needs with stakeholders
• Identifies or acquires data needed to meet a complex or cross functional  business need and define levers for value creation
• Collects, selects and validates data relevant to the analysis
• Analysis and valorizes, with the help of a Data Scientist, heterogeneous, possibly unstructured, data masses to extract useful knowledge for the optimization of the company’s offers, services or processes and to obtain reliable results

• Interprets complex dataset, analyzes results, identifies trends and/or avenues for action, and makes recommendations based on the analysis of collected data
• Synthesizes and organizes analysis in relevant templates and dashboards, understandable by all, using data visualization tools
• Communicates and explains analysis results and recommendations to stakeholders and other partners through appropriate processes (Business Review, PSQ diagnoses, etc.)


Communication and decision support

• Helps the organization to make strategic business decisions that create value through the use of available data
• Presents cost-benefit analysis and argues strategy choice.
• Establishes monitoring indicators to link data strategy to performance
• Anticipates long-term needs within its perimeter and effectively influences the improvement of product, service offers or organizational processes


Data Quality, Ethics and Security

• Applies Group standards for data security, quality and confidentiality throughout their lifecycle and processing
• Meets ethical rules in the use of data


 Market Watch/ Continuous improvement

•May contribute to model or tool design to better detect Insights and opportunities for growth or improvement
• Contributes to defining/writing specifications on storage requirements, data structuring in connection with business entities, data Scientist, data Architect, and master data owner of the entity
• Benchmarcke other Business/Business Line on Data Analysis
• Promotes open and innovative thinking to harness technological advances in defining perimeter objectives.
• Ensures the sharing of good practices (internally and externally) and participates in the development of the skills of its business network

PBI developer with leading experience (upto 8-10 years' experience preferred)