Technical Specialist 2

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Pune, India
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Information System
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Technical Specialist 2

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• The road map of the expertise domain is created and communicated to stakeholders .
• The standards and Framework are :
o Built
o Deployed
o Supported
• Checking actions and capitalization of good practices are realized.
• Build and monitor the Obsolescence treatment plan of the expertise domain .
• Provide necessary assistance to project or support teams


  • Technical expertise :

    Development, deployment and support of a little set of Springboot / Angular applications under the team’s responsibility.

    Participation in the definition of norms, standards and best practices for development with the tools recommended by the team and their eco-system (Springboot / Angular / Tomcat / GitLab / docker – Kubernetes / GitLab CI / Artifactory).

    Participation in the deployment of solutions chosen and supported by the team.

    Participation in the maintenance in operational conditions of the solutions proposed by the team.

    Support and coaching to development teams on the tools recommended by the team (bugfix, library/middleware migration, help with project implementation, code review, ...).

    Participation in technical studies and "Proof Of Concept", either of new functionalities of the team's solutions, or of new solutions (tools, frameworks, software, ...) for the development of java applications.

    Technical expertise on:
    • Springboot
    • Angular
    • Tomcat
    • GitLab
    • GitLab CI
    • Artifactory
    • Docker – Kubernetes
    • A relational database engine
    • SonarQube
  • Methodologies and tools:

    Participation in the definition with the team of the service catalogue and the roadmap of the platform, their communication and promotion.

    Continuous reflection with the team on the evolution of services, good practices, standards and tools provided.

    Participation in the analysis of risks and cost-benefit ratios of solutions studied by the team.

    Participation in the drafting of architecture documents, technical documentation, technical repositories, best practices, presentations and training on the solutions proposed by the team.

    Participation in presentations and training for users of the solutions proposed by the team, on Michelin specificities.

    Compliance with the best practices, tools and standards of the team and other Michelin IT team:
    • stable, high performance, scalable, easy to use, secure, easy to maintain and operate products;
    • systematic use of test automation and solution deployment.

  • Team life :

    Respect the rules and rituals of the team (Agile mode), and participation in the continuous reflection on its organization in order to improve its efficiency.

    Participate in the load estimates of the subjects / tasks listed in the backlog, challenging them if necessary.

Participation in the choice and assignment of topics/tasks to be covered in the short-term Agile sprints, with the objective to deliver incremental features at a regular rate, and to regularly upgrade components and tools.