Engineering manager

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Processo di progettazione e sviluppo
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Engineering manager

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Engineering Manager

Job Code 000907


  • Manage the teams of his/her responsibility in order to deliver the equipment and evolutions of equipment’s necessary to the realization of the industrial projects of the company.
  • Guarantor of the skills development for his/her team and the respect of the rules of the art of his job.
  • Guarantor of the quality of the response to the commitments made by the team in coherence with the entity ambitions.


  • The delivered equipment achieves the required performance levels at the CdCs and complies with the standards and regulations.
  • The needs of the partners are analyzed, the proposed solutions are relevant and just needed.
  • The latest market practices are integrated with the proposed solutions.
  • The workload of the team, internal and external resources, is under control.
  • The skills of the team increase and respond to the need of the business.
  • The team's development vision to achieve a long-term competencies target is implemented.
  • The operating modes of the team evolve for a better overall performance. (continuous progress and accountability)
  • Feedback from partners expressed in the affair appraisal is positive, value creation is demonstrated.


  • Graduated min a bachelor’s in Mechanical/Electronic/Automation Engineering.
  • Experience 3-5 years in the field of Engineering Manager.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English (B2).
  • Special knowledge or talent: project management, analytical, communication, teamwork & problem solving.
  • Have experience in industrial equipment design in a design engineering office and practiced BE tools: CAD (AutoCAD, SolidWorks or equivalent), PLM (Siemens Teamcenter or equivalent, Dassault Enovia or equivalent).
  • Had a field experience in factory, knows the process of reception of an industrial equipment (commissioning, contractual reception).                                                                                                       
  • Has bases of continuous progress, quality management system, industrial performance indicators.
  • Knows the problems product process and knows how to guide a design through a functional analysis, writes specification contract (CDC).
  • Has knowledge (or practiced as a project manager) a structured project approach.
  • Has proven experience to lead a team and work with many internal partners.
  • Has clear idea to assess the performance of people, and aspire to develop autonomy and empowerment leadership, power of proposal, open to others.
  • Curious, eager to learn and willing to adapt his/her skills to other technical specifics.