Digital Scrum Master

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Pune, India
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Digital Scrum Master

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MISSION : The Scrum Master is in charge of:

- Promote, support, implement and help everyone understand Scrum theory, practices, rules and values in accordance with the chosen project approach (Agile, Kanban…).

- Organize the work within the team to optimize productivity during the Sprint.

- Facilitate the relationship and ensure alignment between the Product Owner, who supports the business stakes, and the team in charge of developing the solution to satisfy them.


Product Backlog Management

  • Initializes and updates the Product Backlog
  • Provides needed methods and tools to insure the delivery velocity of the Sprint and optimize productivity of the Scrum Team.
  • Facilitates workshops and supports the Product Owner in its approach to prioritization by value.
  • Challenge the Product Owner if the Product Backlog deliverables do not meet expectations in terms of value.

Animation of the Scrum team following the principles of Scrum methodology

  • Coaches the Development Team in self-organization and cross-functionality.
  • Facilitates Scrum Events / Ceremonies (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, development work, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective…)
  • Ensures that Agile / Kanban values ​​and principles are in place and used by the team over time.
  • Ensures that the team members are motivated and committed to promoting rapid and sustainable pace.
  • Protects the team from external disturbances.
  • Helps the team to address roadblocks and operational problems and ensures the team is in a continuous improvement spirit.

Project Management

  • Shares the progress data with the project stakeholders during the Sprint Reviews.
  • Ensures that the User Stories/ Use cases requested by the Product Owner are mature enough to be implemented in the next Sprint.
  • Leads the Sprint Planning and ensures that the team is committed to a realistic scope.
  • Ensures the progress of Daily Meetings and capture the progress and obstacles to deal with.
  • Ensures the required engineering practices are in place and used over time, in particular, continuous integration daily product.
  • Animates demonstrations at the end of each product iteration.


  • Escalades to management (Product Owner, Project Manager, Squad director…) the obstacles that s(he) can’t handle at her/his level;
  • Provides the required dashboards to monitor the progress of the product.
  • Helps the Project Manager to prepare the Steering Committee and attends the meeting.
  • Ensures the completion of the tasks involved in the Sprint and the definition of next releases in the project.
  • Contributes with the team to Quality Assurance (QA) measures defined with the RGQE (Quality Manager).

Must Have :
Development / Testing  / Automation experience .

JIRA expert level knowledge 

Minimum – 4+ Years of relevant experience  as Scrum master  .

Must have valid and relevant Credentials  / Safe / CSM  / ACSM / PSM certification

·  Previous development background is mandate. Cloud experience / Hadoop experience would be preferred.

·  Should have handled multiple scrum teams, brought agile scrum expertise, frameworks, tools, philosophy of executing scrum.

·  Experience in managing Data / AI projects in Agile (scrum / Kanban) is preferred

·  JIRA is must for project management perspective/ creating user stories, sprint planning, product backlog management, experience on scrum ceremony.

·  Should have excellent communication skill with driving factor.

·  Should be able to talk technical with  Leads  & Product Manager in case of any impediments.