Computer Scientist - CAA V5 developer

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Pune, India
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Computer Scientist - CAA V5 developer

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The mission consists of development and/or maintenance activity of industrial scientific softwares for simulation based on CAA V5, for that, the main activities are:

  • Managing requests from end to end. (From requirement to rollout). This requires ability to interact with R&D business teams and IS teams world-wide.
    • Gathering, qualifying and documenting business needs.
    • Defining and documenting use cases.
    • Functional analysis.
    • Defining software architecture (technical design, diagrams ...etc).
    • Developing the designed solution in CAA V5, using Catia Analysis solution.
    • Writing automated unit tests.
    • Integrating the features within the defined release.
    • Supporting business users during qualification tests.
  • Performing level 3 support.
    • Troubleshoot production issues.
    • Root cause analysis.
    • Implementing fixes and managing the life cycle of those fixes. (Automated unit tests, support validation, business validation, and integration of the changes within the release ...etc).
  • Interaction with teams:
    • Activities are managed with with agility using agile, Waterfall or hybrid methods.
    • Providing priorities based on business inputs and constraints.
  • Continuous improvement:
    • Provide advices for solution enhancement.
    • Participate to technical and functional workshops and discussions to identify progress ideas to implement.

Out of the box thinking, innovation.

Technical skills

  • Strong CATIA CAA V5 skills,
  • Strong C++ and object oriented skills,
  • Good mechanical design knowledge,
  • Ability to discuss with Business user around business needs and practices,
  • High capabilities in working autonomously,
  • Proactive, team player and efficient,
  • Knowledges of Mathematics and interest about mechanic.

Soft skills

  • Communication skills and team spirit
  • Achievement orientation
  • Analysis and synthesis skills

Curiosity and autonomy