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Michelin Vision Concept voted "Best of the Best"

On September 28, 2018 in Singapore, Michelin received the “Best of the Best” award from Red Dot for its VISION concept. This is a genuine recognition for the Group’s designers whose work, at the service of innovation, often remains in the shadows. Here we put it under the spotlight. Red Dot: one of the most prestigious design awards


Vision Concept voted "Best of the Best"_Sylvain

Since the 1950s, Red Dot awards have been honoring the best designs from all over the world. This competition is one of the biggest and most prestigious design awards in the world, which crowns, every year, the most significant projects in three categories: product, communication and concept. A good omen for the winners. Their projects generally find success very quickly.

Nearly 20,000 candidates every year

One of a kind, the platform accepts applications from companies, independent designers and design students. It receives around 20,000 applications every year. Red Dot is an international label famous for its excellence in design innovation. Winning this prize represents genuine recognition of leadership in design and innovation. It also improves a brand’s visibility and value around the world. Among some of the big names and products that have already won, we can mention Nokia, Fujifilm, Ikea, etc.

VISION: “best of the best” in concepts

The “Red Dot Award: Design Concept” has been held in Singapore since 2005. This competition offers designers, companies, organizations and universities the possibility to put their creative potential to the test. An experienced jury assesses the new ideas and concepts. At the end of September, VISION Concept received the most prestigious award: the “Best of the Best” for concepts. Note that it is only the second time that a tire is awarded in such a competition.



With small multidisciplinary and agile teams, design is at the very heart of Michelin’s RDI (Research Development Innovation) at every major site in the United States, Japan and Europe. Working on every stage of development (advanced design, prospective design, concept, prototyping and industrialization) and for every product line, the design teams work hard to ensure that Michelin’s offers are relevant and topical for each of our target markets. Their objective: make technical innovations and performances visible and understandable to the greatest number using co-design processes (designer, developer, and modeler).

Design’s benefit is to challenge the shape/function/offer; to design offers that appeal in terms of use and perception while integrating society’s challenges. The scope is very broad:

Bugatti Red Dot

Design thinking, for example, is a process used by the design teams that involves an interdisciplinary focus on the user, bringing different scenarios to life through new, formal solutions. The VISION concept germinated thanks to this methodology. The Red Dot award recognizes this multidisciplinary and cross-functional approach, and represents collective success.




A customized, rechargeable, adaptable and ecological tire that throws away the rulebook. With VISION, Michelin has drawn a new path to safer, smarter and more intense mobility, directly in line with our key purpose.

Visionary MICHELIN Concept Tire
At Movin'On, Michelin is lifting the veil on what we think mobility will look like tomorrow: an airless, rechargable, 3-D printed organic tire, developed from bio-sourced, biodegradable materials. A connected tire, it provides real-time information about its condition and is integrated with innovative services.

VISION combines 4 innovations:

  1. An organic tire: made from organically sourced and biodegradable materials
  2. A 3D printed tire, rechargeable in function of wear and travel requirements
  3. An airless tire thanks to its inner architecture
  4. A smart tire

With the VISION concept, MICHELIN offers a mobility solution that combines the tire with brand new services. VISION is the translation of our 4R strategy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew), the Group's operational adaptation of the circular economy concept.



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Jean-Dominique Senard 

We are very proud that all our research on sustainable mobility was recognized.

Jean-Dominique Senard